Everyday makeup without foundation

(Cosmetics) Base: Inglot (not necessery) | BB Cream: Maybelline | Concealer: Maybelline | Primer: Revlon (not necessary) | Powder: Max Factor | Bronzer: Bell | Blush: Max Factor | Eye Shadow: H&M (similar here), L'oreal | Mascara: Maybelline | Lip Balm: Nivea | Lipstick: Revlon or Inglot

Every time before going out I need to put some makeup on. Maybe not too much, but I feel a bit weird without it. I've found a way to do a very light, soft and quick makeup for everyday. It's good for school, work and also for shopping or meeting friends.

The first thing I use is Inglot makeup base, although it is not necessary. I spread the base on my whole face with a sponge or just with my fingers. Next, I apply Maybelline BB cream with my fingers, gently patting it into my face. The effect will be like after using foundation. Instantly rub it on your whole face. Now I use Maybelline concealer. I put it under my eyes and next to my nose using the sponge. With a powder brush I spread Revlon anti shine primer or I use baby press powder (don't laugh! It also makes the skin matt), but it's not necessary. Use it when you feel that your skin is too oily. Than with the same brush I put Max Factor powder on the face. If you've got a brush for blush/bronzer it will be useful now to put blush first. I use the Max Factor one on the cheek line. Now Bell bronze powder and highlighter I apply as shown in the photo.

It's time for eyes now. First I take my H&M eyeshadow and with a brush for eyeshadows I spread it on both eyelids. On the top I put a little bit of L'oreal gold eyeshadow, which after application looks like glitter pigment. For the lashes I use Maybelline rocket mascara. If you don't have thick eyebrows then use an eyebrow pencil. I only use an eyebrow brush to arrange them. For the lips I take Nivea lip balm to make my lips soft before I use lipstick. To finish this makeup I usually use Revlon light pink lip pencil or Inglot nude lipstick. It depends on my mood ;) 

Hope you like this short tutorial and find it useful. I'm waiting for your comments.

xx Carly

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