Denim Jumpsuit

(Outfit details) Jumpsuit: River Island (similar here & here) | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban (cheaper here & here) | Bag: shop in Warsaw (similar here) | Watch: Ice-Watch (cheaper here & here) | Necklace: H&M | Shoes: Converse

Real summer finally came here last weekend. The weather was nice. 20 degrees and partly cloudy. What  more to ask for? The weather was perfect to take some photos for the blog. I really enjoy taking them with my best friend Alex. We had so much fun taking them. At the beginnig I didn't exactly know how to pose, but finally I overcame my shyness and we took some good photos. 

For first fashion post I wanted to do a casual look. I took the easiest form to style with - a denim jumpsuit. There are so many ways to suit some items to it well, for a party but also for casual/sporty look, just as I did it. First I wanted to wear heeled sandals, but I chose these pink and orange Converse. Just wanted to feel comfty, cause I went shopping that day. I can tell you in secret that I bought really nice pair of dark blue Adidas Neo sneakers with gorgeous flowers. But going back to outfit... Denim clothes look always stunning with colorful  accessories. (But remember that denim has many shades and not every color will match to different shades of denim). I decided to match it with an orange bag and a silver and pink chain necklace, so it also matches sneakers. For sunglasses I chose Ray Ban aviators which are my fave pair now. This type of sunglasses will always be fashionable, so if they suit you then you should have at least one pair. I finished the look with silver hoops, silver rings and a white watch. If you don't know which accessories will be the best for your outfit, take the easiest way - ring, watch, bracelet or stud earrings (the best in one shade). The outfit won't be exaggerated but it'll look more natural and soft.

There is also one thing you should remember and put into your fashion habits - SALES! This is the best time to buy many clothes at affordable prices. Most of my clothes are from sale. Like this outfit (yup, all items). I bought this jumpsuit last year but the denim clothes are again trendy this season (some clothes are mostly fashionable few seasons). It's a really nice way to save some money and have the clothes before they are in trend. Believe me you'll be satisfied one day. ;)

Makeup I di is really light and fresh. Gold eyeshadows made my eyes bright and shiny and pink lipstick made me feel a little bit more confident. This type of makeup is really easy to repeat every day and goes well with every outfit. Just change the color of lipstick so that it matches your look.

Hope you guys like this look and if you got any questions I'm always open for them! ;)

xx Carly

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