Skin Care Before&After Sunbathing

I think it's a great moment to post some tips for sunbathing. ;) Like most of us I love sunbathing, mostly at the seaside (in the garden it is not the same). I always remember to take some sun creams with me. Every time before going sunbathing I apply sun lotions with SPF higher than 6. On the first day I always take cream with SPF 20. After a few days use SPF 10 and later SPF 6. At the end of my trips I usually apply tanning accelerators, but also those with filters. To protect my brithmarks/moles I apply special creams with high filter, like 30 or 50. I also don't forget to protect my lips. There are some lip balms with filters, or special creams, like this one from Ziaja which is also for brithmarks.

After sunbathing it is import_ant to take care of your tanned skin with some after sun creams. It's better when the cream or gel contains D-panthenol which reduces the effects of insufficient skin protection. I really like hand & body lotion from Petal Fresh which also has a similar effect after using and it also hydrates the skin. 

Many of us forget about face protection in morning routines. Before applaying foundation it is import_ant to use a daily cream, so why don't choose one with filter? I really recommend the one from Ziaja's 'Manuka Tree' collection. But if you don't like using foundations, buying  a BB cream with filter will be a better option. There are more and more of these creams in drugstores.

(Cosmetics details): Lip Balm: Nivea | Lip&Brithmarks Cream: Ziaja | Tanning Accelerator: Ziaja | SPF Creams: Dax Cosmetics, Eveline | After Sun Gel: Ziaja | Hands&Body Lotion: Petal Fresh | BB Cream: Maybelline | Daily Cream: Ziaja
i put here only my favourites

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