What is in my bag?

Hi guys! I'm so so so sorry I'm publishing the post today and not when I should have done it. I'm painting my room so I have got mess in my room and also in my head. I haven't got time for myself. But finally I managed to write  this post for you. I hope you  will all enjoy this short one. 

I've got so many bags in my closet but to almost every outfit  take a different one. There are a few things I always have to have in it. An iPhone and wallet are two basics in my bag. I can't  go out without them, cause I'm sure  they can be useful. I aways take my small cosmetic bag with me. It's perfect for holding some medicaments (fora headache or sore throat...), a few plasters (also corn plasters), dry and wet wipes, antibacterial hand gel and some cosmetics like: hand cream, cause my hands are dry all the time, lip products, so I can always fix my lip makeup, a small bottle of perfume (the best are the test sample ones); nail polish, because I hate it when chips off, a fit me stick just in case and a deo spray. If I forget to take a brush it's not the end of the world, but it's nice to have it. For me the hair band is more import_ant and I need it to put my hair in a bun, which is really comfty. Oops, I forgot about sunnies. Yes, I love them, but I don't use them so often because I have to wear optical glasses #SoSad. And the last thing I like having are headphones and a power bank. This is a really nice gadget, as I don't have to remember about charging my phone before I go out (but I do have to remember about charging the power bank, haha). 

Check out my faves from the pic which I liked below. :)

(Details) Bag: Zara | Purse: River Island | Sunglasses: New Look (similar here) | iPhone Case: H&M | Phone Cover: Orsay | Cosmetic Bag: H&M | Brush: Tangle Teezer | Hair Band: Invisi Bobble | Lip Penicl: Revlon | Nail Polish: Revlon | Hand Cream: Ziaja | Deo: Nivea | Fit Me Stick: Maybelline | Parfume: Halloween

I hope I helped you a bit and let me know what you think in the comments ;)

xx Carly

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