Trends in makeup for Autumn 2015

Hi there! It's again me. Today I'm going tell you a little bit about trends in makeup for Autumn 2015. I think it's really nice topic now, cause few types of makeup are very usefull for everyday! Few are more creative and inconventional, but look really nice. I thought that few colors won't fit my good looks, but I really like them now. You have to try some makeup types before using them, cause you never knows which shade will be perfect for you. It depends on skin tone, face shape or many other. If you are not sure if the trends are matching you, go to the nearest cosmetic shop or drugstore and ask a shop assistant to help you choose the best item! I think it's better to look good in makeup than wearing some cosmetics because of they are in. But if you look good, that's wonderfull!

It's the easiest way to make your face look more expressive. The light powder is taking attention to the highlights areas, when the darker powder is making areas recede. This is perfect for going out makeup, like for some party's or huge events. The contouring kit is always very welcome to every cosmetic collection and it's perfect finish for almost every look.
Contour Kit: Barry M

Dark red, maroon, sometimes comes into born color... These shades are now perfect for lips. It's typical autumn color, cause it comes back every year during the season. Personally I don't feel so good wearing dark lipsticks, but it's definitely color of autumn. It's perfect for going out, mostly for party's.
Lipstick (shade 420): Catrice

The orange is here! This color looks a little bit strange on the eyelids, but it can be a nice finish for girls loving the unconventional and original style. If you don't have shadows in this shade or can't find them anywhere you can use the orange blush. The effect wil be the same. 
Shadows (shade 108 ): Inglot

This type of makeup needs few products: foundation and powder in the same shade, highlighter, bright pink blush, nude eyeshadow and bright shinny lipgloss. And a little bit of volumasing mascara. The effect is like by makeup no makeup. But it's pretty cool mostly for school (what a rhyme!).
Highlighter (shade No.01): Bell | Blush (shade 10): Max Factor | Eye Shadow (shade 101 ): Max FactorLipgloss (shade Radiant Rose): Max Factor

Eyeliner is back! Black shade and creativity is now the most important. There are many types of doing the lines, but now you can do whatever you want! Double line, some zigzags or uneven patterns. 
Eyeliner: L'oreal Paris

The next season smokey eyes are fashionable. Once they are more black/great, sometimes more brow, but both shades look perfect. My faves are brown and gold shades of the smokeys recently. Cause my face is too delicate for black shadows. To finish the eyes is nice to use good mascara, for me the best are the volumasing ones. 
Shadow Palette: Urban Decay (Naked 2) | Mascara: Barry M

Hope you'll like the post and it will be helpful to bring the trends in the morning/evening makeup. Let me know in the comments what do you think :)

xx Carly 

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