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Hey, hi, hello! I'm really bean-fed today. I wanted to do so many things but my plans petered away, beacuse of the good mood. The only one thing I've done today is this post, haha.

I was asked to write a review of the Landybridal wedding dresses. Although I don't know anything about wedding I'm going to write a little bit about it. So starting with the number of the weddings I was in, it's, I think, 2. I was a little girl when I was on the first wedding so I don't remember the dress woren by the bride. But I really love to see womens in this type of dresses. The dresses should be unique, because of the importance of the greatest day in the life. I think that you shouldn't waist your money on buying wedding dress. You have to feel comfty and beautiful, like the princess you always wanted to be during your childhood! Landybridal has got so many types of that dresses, you can choose some ready to wear dresses or customize your own dress. This is the most important thing, that you can have the orginal one, that nobody will have exact. In the online store you can find so many types: maxi or midi; with lace or embellished details; sleeveless or with long sleeve. I can guarantee that you will find perfect dress for you! (see all wedding dresses. Don't forget to check out the lace wedding dresses or from the newest collection - wedding dresses 2016)

However I wanted to write shortly about the other types of dresses like prom, evening, coctail or celebrity dresses. Yes! They are selling some dresses woren by some stars, like Jennifer Lawrence or Anne Hathaway. I really like the dresses the brand offers, but I have choosen few only for you (my faves!). But I felt in love with the pink maxi dress, which is soooo gorgerous!
I like also that they have co-ords which look like normal dresses. 

Dresses I chose to check out by you:

Hope you'll like the post and find it usefull if you precisely need a dress for special occasion. Let me know which are your faves in comments below :)

xx Carly

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