My fall favourite - denim clothes

Recently I don't have time for anything! I thought that the blog will be the isolation from the learning. But it's really hard work with doing the post while I don't have so much time for myself either. The post are going to be not always on the time, but I'll do everything to post them as soon as possible.

But coming up to the post's tittle about denim. Recently it's deffinitely my fave material. I can style it many ways: with other denim item lighter or darker, sport shoes or heels, blouses or t-shirts. There's so many combination of looks with denim. I can tell you, that you shouldn't be scared of matching the denim with formal and casual style. The best thing is that everyone looks good in denim and it should be the basic part of the closet.

I pictured 3 outfits for you! The first one - formal (for work, meetings), second - every day (school, shopping) and third - typical sporty and summer outfit. 

If I have enough time I will update the post with photos of me wearing the clothes and maybe two more outfits, haha. Let it see.

Even though, I hope you enjoy the 3 looks and I'm waiting for comments! 😊

xx Carly 

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