Sephora Trend Report 2015

This weekend I was attending the Sephora Trend Report 2015 in Warsaw. There was absolutely amazing. Two days and two different types of makeup. I have checked the two brands I can't really afford now, but I wish I could buy them soon - Burberry and Marc Jacobs. I fall in love with both brands. If I have to make a choos probably I'll use the Burberry more likely. But the Marc Jacobs Lolita Pallete has gorgeous and so practical shades of eye shadows. 

1st day - Friday - BURBERRY
When I get there for the first time I didn't exactly know how is it all going. I had the consultation with the makeup artist from Great Britain. I was totally shocked that she wasn't polish. But it was really nice  experience. She showed me how to do natural and daily makeup which I can wear everywhere. The delicate brown shadows plus pink nude lipstick = 💕

2nd day - Saturday - MARC JACOBS
This time I ad the makeup done by the polish makeup artist. She was really nice to me and I really like her personality. That day I wanted a little bit more confident makeup - for party. She showed me how to do it not too overdone. I'm not a big fan of the all black smokey eyes, so I've chosen the grey and brown shades. The effect of the makeup is curious! With the pink lipstick it looks perfect for ever evening going out. She also suggested that for parties is better to do more sharply outlined eye makeup, cause the lipstick disappears in few minutes. 

Both makeup artists told me that I have perfect skin, eyebrows and beautiful eyes. This was really nice by their side. The compliments from the professionalists are unforgettable. I think I'll be attending that events more often. 

Let me know which look you like the most 1st (Burberry) or 2nd (Marc Jacobs).

xx Carly 

> GET THE LOOK - Buberry <

> GET THE LOOK - Marc Jacobs <

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