Easy gold&black eye makeup

Hi my sweethearts! This week is going to be really busy one for me. But I'm optimistic that everything will go well. It has to! Btw, I thought that this time I'll do short makeup tutorial, read: my favourite recent look.

So let's get started!

1. After your face makeup is done use eyeshadow primer on both eyelids, to even the tone and prepare it for laying the shadow.

2. Use your favourite, quite pigmented and embellished shadow. I chose the gold one, cause it makes me feel so fresh and natural. Although darker colors like grey or brown can seem to dark, don't be afraid to use them. They also matches perfectly the smoky eye pencil.

3. Use the smoky eye pencil in matching color to the shadow. I propose you the contrastic tints, so it won't look like one shade. Now draw the line on the top eyelid starting in the middle part of eye and finishing in outer part. The point is that, you shouldn't go far beyond the lid like you probably do this with eyeliner. When you're done, rub the line with the brush, which should be on the other side of pencil.

4.  And the last thing: mascara. Use it to complete the look, so your eyes look flawless!

*if you want it look more elegant, use red lipstick, if more casual bright pink or nude*

And you're done now! Dress up and go shooping or at a party!

Hope you enjoy the post and I'm waiting for your comments! I'm so happy that you're visiting my page, cause it hit 2,6K views. Thanks for the support! Love you! <3

xx Carly


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