Weekend trip to Rome

Hi there! Sorry that I'm uploading the post late, but I was so tired after the flight. Anyways I'm so happy to show you few photos from Rome! I just put my few favourites here, cause I took about 600 in general. I also chose 2 the outfits I liked the most, which were really comfty. I've never thought that skirts or dresses are better than pants for sightseeing. First I felt weird cause everyone around me wore trousers. But I thought that it's nice to be original haha. [ *NOTE* be original = feel gorgeous ]

Now when I'm back home I want to go back there to perfect weather, sun, 20 degrees and wearing summer clothes. I miss it so much cause I haven got any occasions to wear some new clothes during the past summer. I thought that there won't be so warm so didn't take so many summer clothes, but like always I had something hidden for the black hour. And I did my biggest failure ever! I wore the Zara sneakers for the longest walk I had there. Air max was better choice. Nothing hurt and I could walk all day (and they matched my all outfits ☺️). 

In the secret I can tell you that I didn't take so many cosmetics. Gold eyeshadow, black eye pencil and pinky lipstick were everything I used (of course with every basic products). But I really liked this makeup. I feel so fresh and girly. It's perfect for everyday if you don't have time for doing something more. If you didn't check my Instagram account, so do this now, so you can see the makeup.

Outfits details:

ADIDAS NEO Selena Gomez Satin Bomber Jacket in Black

QED LONDON (TK Maxx) Sleeveless Coat in Camel

NEW LOOK Jaspay High Neck Long Sleeve Swing Dress

Hope you guys like the post and photos from Rome. Let me know on the comments which outfit is the best.

See you next Monday 😉

xx Carly 

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