Merry Christmas

Hi guys! How are you feeling because of the Christmas time? :D I'm really good, but sooooo busy, like before every holidays. I love the atmosphere of Christmas, but this year I don't feel it at all. Maybe it's because I have too much study which is related to my upcoming final exams. Anyways, I'm so happy for spending the time with family and having a little break from studying.

As Christmas are one of the most important holidays in polish tradition, it's significant to look braw. I put on simply but classic outfit. Asymetric white top and black skinny jeans I completed with leather black heeled pumps and grey statement necklace. Every item isn't anything special. But after matching them together the outfit looks more sophisticated than separately. I really like this style: simply and elegant. I'm still looking for my style, so it changes everyday. In conclusion I can say that not always sophisticated and expensive clothes are better

If it goes on makeup, like always, I used my favourite Naked2 palette for eyes. Silvery-brown shades are always smart and not too heavy. The silver pigment gives you fresh look and attracts attention on eyes. Using smoky eyes pencil in the outer corners of the eye makes it a little bit bigger and your lashes darker and somethimes longer too. For this type of eye makeup, the best is volumising mascara so lashes look healthy. This time I finished the look with brown-nude shinny lipstick, which gave me elegant finish. The base of the makeup (foundation etc.) is the same I'm doing every time.

Decorations. My favourite part of Christmas! I always prepare my room for the holidays. I set some snow globes and candles every year. Sometimes I add other winter decorations like angel figurines. I really like every type of pendant decorations: stars, angels, hearts or the simplests with only inscription 'Merry Christmas'. If my favourite glass balls aren't on the Christmas tree, I take them to my room and lay down on furniture. It's the simplest form but the most gorgerous one. On the bed and window frame I set lights - the most festive decoration. It brings the room fairy appearance. 

Here in Poland we have many traditions connected with Christmas. The most known are: wafer sharing, 12 dishes and leaving one additional place at the table. We also listen to and sing Christmas carols, which is so beautiful. I love the most decorating the Christmas tree and puting the presents under it which are given on 24th of December. This year I was on midnight Mass first time and I really love the atmosphere of it! I don't know why I haven't been on it earlier. Anyways, there is much more tradistions, but it's long to talk about it. Maybe next time ;)

Let me know how are your Christmas going and what do you think about the post.

xx Carly

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