Hi guys! How are you? Sorry that I haven't posted anything for a month, but I was crazy busy because of school and preparings for my prom.

I was a little bit stressed out about the prom, mostly about dancing polonaise at the beginning. I didn't know how everything will look like. I was worry that I forget something or don't have a good time. But it was unnecessary. That was amazing, I have never suspected that I can have so great time! Most of the time I spent on dancing. Like never I was in demand and danced with 10 guys, with some of them for few times.

Anyways I bought almost every item from my outfit on sale! I'm so proud because I got so many compliments how gorgeous and cute I looked. It was amazing feeling. I didn't spend so much money to look that way, when other girls wanted to show how much money they can spend on a dress or shoes. It's ridiculous! I don't understand them. For me the price is not so important as quality and look of clothes. The secret is good matched accessories.

If it goes on a hair style I was inspired by Selena Gomez's braids {check here}. I really wanted to have a hairstyle similar to that one because it looks so flawless with the dress. The final result was a little bit different as my hair is too slippy and straight. However I loved the braids effect and the waves.

For makeup I went to Sephora. The makeup artist was really nice and did so good work! She used almost only Dior cometics. That was strange feeling for me because I use only drugdtore cosmetics. Anyways the makeup lasted all night and didn't get blurry. Generally she used grey-silvery eyeshadows and dark grey liners to emphasize eye lines. On lips she put dirty pink shinny lipstick, which completed the look perfectly.

All in all it was the best ball, I've ever been. I wish I could repeat this good time soon.

xx Carly

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