Hi there!! On Monday I went to Hurts concert. I'm so excited to share my unforgetable memories with you guys.

It was my first concert ever. At the beginning I was a little bit scared of, cause I didn't know how the concert will look like. Anyways it was the best day of my life and I want to repeat it as fast as it's possible. (btw, we stood almost behind the barrier!)

Utterly I haven't got any ideas for an outfit. I was looking through many sites to get inspired with no results. Anyways I took one of my favurite outfits. It's the most simply look: biker jacket, white t-shirt, black pants and ankle boots (maybe they look a little bit worn out, but they are so comfty). I completed it with fashionable red plaid shirt. Added black beaded bracelet, white watch and gold necklace.

If it goes on makeup, I was inspired by Selena's Oscar look. It took me a while to do it, but it was worth the results. The cosmetics I used weren't waterproof but the eye makeup survived (how you can see in the picture).

Before they started 'Illuminated' Theo said about turning on the flashlights in our phones. When I turned back I saw this beautiful view! It just took my breath away. The hall was bright like somebody turned the lights on. Unfortunately the photo doesn't show the view. 

After they came back to sing 'Nothing will be better than us' there were so many pink balloons what also looked amazing!

Get the look for few photos I took:

Surrender Tour - Torwar Hall, Warsaw, Poland

They played 19 songs, but it didn't feel like time went that fast. I had so much fun that day. I could finally forget for few hours about school, relax and be myself. Overall I had an amazing experience and I can't wait for next time.

Hope you enjoy the post :)

xx Carly

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