Hi my lovely readers! I'm so excited about this post. I was shooting for few hours today and I really love doing this job. Anyways I've planned to do this post quite long ago, unfortunately I hadn't got enough time to do it. But finally it's here and I want to review some makeup products I bought recently in Kiko Milano. Not forgeting to mention some tips!

If you haven't known yet, I'll tell you that I love every single limited edition launched by beauty brands. Of course it concerns Kiko too. I wouldn't be me if I didn't buy at least one product from their collections. 

Kiko Miami Beach Babe Collection

First I want to talk about limited edition launched in summer 2015. Maybe it's not the newest one, but it's still available in my local store. Anyways I think this one is timeless if it goes on summer time of course. Not only packagings' colors remindes me of good weather and free time but the bright shades of cosmetics with touch of glitter too.

Kiko Double Deco Blush in Doral / 02
The color of this blush is different than every other I've been using for a while. It's like bright pink with drop of pechy-orange shade. On pale skin it looks like delicate blush, but on sunburned like a touch of rosy highligther. With using this blush you will always feel freash. The useful advantage is that the packaging has a mirror, so you can take it with you and correct your makeup wherever you are.

Kiko Miami Click Slick Eyeliner in Glamorous Gold / 01 
This is such an intriguing liner. I mean that I've never before seen one in gold shade. As soon as I saw it I felt in love with it. Generally I hate eyeliners and I think that the black lines don't suit me, but this one is the only one I like. Because of the gold color and shimmer, it finishes the bright and summer look perfect!

Kiko Generation Next Collection & Kiko Rebel Romantic Collection 
I'm not a big fan of these two collections, but I found at least one cosmetic from each. It's funny because both are almost the same color. But it's still one of my fave color recently, not only for fall, but for summer to!

Kiko Crystla Eyeliner in shade 01
I absolutely prefer eyeliners in pencils. They are more precise and have intensive color and it's possible to smudge the lines. What is more, at the other end it has small sharpener, what really simplifies my life!

Kiko Metallic Shine Eyeshadow in Dynamic Taupe / 06
Metallic shadows are my favourite. This one has really nice silvery-brown shade with shimmer. It looks like it's creamy, but it's more powdery shadow. It's big advantage, because when you put it on the lids, it doesn't fall on your cheeks.

Kiko Cosmic Starlets Collection
I'm really disappointed because I missed this collection. First time I saw it at shop, it was almost gone on sale. Although I really wanted to buy at least half of it. I merely got one set, which I'm really satisfied with.

Kiko Angel Kiss Set - Lip Scrub & Kiss Balm in Milk&Honey / 104 / 304
This lip set really helps me regenerate too dry lips and moutirize them. Both products smell so good, I could use them all the time but on the other side I don't want to finish them so quick. 

Kiko Campus Idol Collection
The Campus Idol collection is my absolutely favourite one! Not only the colors are perfect, but I'm in love with these white packagings too. I think that everyone would find at least one product with ideal shade, because here are so many different colors.

Kiko Double Match - Lipstick & Lip Liner in Cool Rose / 01
Someone had a great idea to do lip liner and lipstick in one stick. It's like a blessing, because you have both in one exact shade so you don't have to look for them in many brands.

Kiko Double Dare - Eyeshadow & Eyeliner in Copper and Chocolate / 02
This stick is as amazing as previous one. This match of the colors is my fave recently. Not only the colors but shimmering shadow with matte liner or conversely. I also think that shadows in pencil are more pigmented and last longer on eyelids than normal shadows.

Kiko Campus Idol Collection 
Kiko Pump it Up - Volume & Curl Mascara in Black
This mascara is a bomb! It really makes your lashes look volumized and curved. By the way it has also an original brush, like two balls with spikes, haha.

Hope you liked the post! Let me know if you want to see more reviews of beauty products on the blog and if you  have some of these cosmetics, write your own opinion, I'm really interested in.

See you soon!

xx Carly

*some products may not be available in the online shop, but they are still in some stores* 

*this post was not sponsored. the opinions are my own!

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