Survival Revival


Hi guys! I'm back! I hope you missed me, because I've missed you all so much. My final exams are almost ended (it's only one left on Monday) and after looooong break in blogging I've got few questions for you connected to the blog. I just want you to decide what would you like to see the most on my blog, because I've got tooooo many ideas for posts and I don't want to post something that you won't enjoy.

So let's get started!

1. What post types would you like to see the most?

- Makeup tutorials
- Outfits of the day
- DIYs
- Get the look for less (makeup or outfit)
- Hauls
- Favourites of the month
- Ocasional posts (like Mother's Day gift guide)

2. Let me know if you like my current work or if not, tell me what should I change.

3. What celebrity looks would you like me to reacreate (outfits/makeup)?

- Selena Gomez
- Ella Eyre
- Becky G
- Kendall Jenner
- Tinashe
- Hailee Steainfeld
- Madison Beer
- other... (mention some)

*have a concrete one, send me it

4. If I do some DIY's soon what would like it to be?

- Clothes
- Jewellery
- Room decorations
- Beauty products

5. What language should I use to run the blog?

- English
- Polish
- both

Hope you are going to help me with choosing the best options, so you will come here back with a pleasure. Please comment below your answers, bacause it will help me much. And I'm open for every new proposal.

Btw, I'm going to change the theme. Do any of you has a fave one which will fit to the fashion/beauty blog? If yes, it would be great if you leave the link to it ;)

xx Carly

P.S. Posts will be published every Tuesday and Saturday (yes! finally twice a week!) ;)

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