Hi my lovely readers! Although I showed you one post from Greece I haven't put there all beautiful places I saw there. I wish I was still there now, because this place was like a paradise. Anyways this is going to be my first post not connected to fashion or beauty but I hope you'll enjoy it as well!

Seaside is my favorite place! It doesn't matter where it is located, every beach is amazing. They all have a different charm. What I like the most at in this place are sunsets. I don't know why but I can not imagine the summer without going at the seaside. It's something like a tradition for me. Really. It can sound weird, but there I can relax and get energy for work. What is more I love sunbathing and swim in the sea. But who doesn't like it? 

The long walks on the beach are my favorite. Sometimes I'm walking until it gets dark. It can be tiring a the begging but after one week you cover the longer and longer distance. It makes you feel stronger, relaxed and wanna do something impressive.

Hope you enjoyed the new type of post. Let me know in the comments if you would like to see more lifestyle/travel posts, cause I'm open for every proposal!

xx Carly

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