GET THE LOOK: SELENA GOMEZ MAKEUP (coca-cola commercial)

GET THE LOOK: Selena Gomez's makeup tutorial

Hi everyone! This time I'm trying something new. I've never been doing any celebrity makeup recreation, but I found it really funny. I'll try to do this posts type more often, if you like it of course! Enjoy!

Step 1:
Inglot Under Makeup Base
Get your face ready before you start putting foundation on your face. First wash your face, second (if you need) put some daily cream on and last use a under makeup base/primer.

Step 2:
Revlon Colorstay foundation + HeBe makeup sponge
If you have redness area use a green concealer before foundation. It doesn't exactly matter what are you going to use for foundation (brush or sponge) just don't put it too much, so your face looks natural and fresh. When you lay really thin layer of foundation eyerything you put on it will last longer!

Step 3:
Catrice liquid camouflage high coverage concealer + Bell HYPOAllergenic bronze powder multifunctional (as highlighters) 
Choose one or two shades brighter concealer than your foundation, so you will achieve highlighting effect. Use the sponge to matt the concealed areas (if the powder is mattifying it stays whole day and your skin doesn't shine).

Step 4:
Inglot loose powder + Real Techniques powder brush
The good powder is the key to good and natural looking face! The Inglot one with shimmer makes the skin looks glowy and fresh.  

Step 5:
Barry M flawless chisel cheeks contour kit + Real Techniques contour brush
This is my fave contour kit ever! It has the drawings with contouring steps. this really helps and reminds you of all areas you should contour.

Step 6:
Bell HYPOAllergenic bronze powder multifunctional (as bronzer) + Real Techniques buffing brush
Want to extend contouring effect? Put a little bit bronzer on the same areas as contouring powders. And don't forget about chin bones and forehead next to hair line.

Step 7:
Eveline eyeliner pencil in brown (as brow pencil) + Catrice fixing brow wax + Real Techniques brow brush
Selena's brows looks always really natural but it doesn't mean that before big events she doesn't use any brow fixers. Her makeup artist know how to do it the best way. I don't like using brow pencils, sometimes only transparent gel or wax. That's why I used the eye pencil, not brow pencil. For me it doesn't make any difference (you can also use just brown eyeshadow if needed).

Step: 8
Mary Kay signature eye primer
Don't forget to use eye primer (or concealer), because shadows will look more pigmented and will definitely last longer (and DO NOT cumulate in the middle of the lip).

Step 9:
Kiko double dare eyeshadow in 02 + Barry M  the 6th (gold) eyeshadow from eye shine shadow & glaze palette + Real Techniques base shadow brush and accent brush
First I put the Kiko cream shadow and then smudged it with Barry M gold shadow. The lid is in browny-gold shade.

Step 10:
Maybelline master drama kohl liner
Use the black pencil liner on bottom and top lid lines. And don't forget about the corner (as always I do it).

Step 11:
L'oreal super liner perfect slim
I hate using eye liners, but this time I did lines without correcting them. They should be the classic ones, it's the style of lines which Selena wears almost always. (Don't know why, but they look thinner than they are, lol)

Step 12:
1. Barry M showgirl extra volume mascara + 2. Rimmel scandaleyes extreme black mascara
It's the last eye step - mascaras. Selena, how I suppose, has false lashes, but I don't have any so have to handle it. I just used two mascaras. Barry M to separate my lashes, Rimmel to add extra volume.

Step 13:
Kiko double match lipstick & lipliner in 01
Selenas lips looks so natural and this is the most similar lip product I have to recreate the look. If you don't have the exact shade, look for nude shade with a drop of pinky shade.

Step 14:
Bielenda make-up academy fixer mist
The LAST step is just to use fixer mist to make the look lasts longer!

And you are DONE!

Hope you liked, this tutorial, if you want more recreations, just let me know who's you want to see the most!

xx Carly

P.S. GET THE LOOK FOR LESS: Selena Gomez outfit is coming out soon! Hope you can't wait as weel! :*

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