During summer I ise such a different cosmetics and beauty products than in winter. They're more moisturizing and light. I don't use too much makeup but I need some that will last really long that's days. Anyways here are 10 things you will need to try this summer! So, let's do this! 

1. Matt&Vibrant lips - neon pink and hot red are the most desired lips colors. Don't forget to stock up with one for summer long nights! If you want more, you can paint your nails the same shade as your lipstick is. It makes you look confident but still stylish as well. Don't forget that matt lipsticks are more pigmented so that lasts longer.

My choice: Bell Matte Liquid Lips (Moroccan Dream Collection) in 01 and 02

2. Make your make-up last longer - sun, hot weather and water can damage your makeup. But don't worry! There is a good way - Makeup Fixer Mist. It's not only great to hold your makeup during whole day but also for applying eyeshadows! 

3. Conceal and highlight at one blow - two or three shades lighter concealer in summer is 2 in 1 product. Because in winter time we don't have the tan no more and use the most bright foundation, so how we can find few tones lighter concealer? That's why most of us use highlighter. This is really great for going on vacation, taking one cosmetic instead of two!

4. Moistured and sun protected lips - lips are always my obsession. I mean I'm always having one lip balm with (even if I won't need it). Moisturized and sold lips is the base for every lipstick and it's great when it has SPF too. This is perfect for summer, because you don't need few things for lips. And I never forget about fruity and sweet smell ❤️

5. Flake and grease skin with sugar scrub - this products is perfect! The next 2 in 1, haha. Anyways it not only flake and grease skin, but also prepare it for sunbathing or before depilation to remove ingrown hair (yes! it really helps!). The other thing is that you don't need to use any other lotion after usage of it and it has beautiful smell!

6. Shade darker with SPF - as many of us sunbathe during vacation our skin is getting darker and we have to change out foundation to one or two shades darker. Sometimes there is a problem which one to buy, but firstly I'll look at these with SPF. Then, because the skin is irritated, would check if it has some ingredients which will soothe, like minerals or vitamins.

7. Pastel love - pastel nails are so trendy this summer! I love every pastel color so I never can decide which to buy. Anyways if you have similar problems, the great idea is to paint nails with few shades. 

My choice: Inglot in 038, Revlon Parfumerie in 070, Opi in Mod About You, Loreal Color Riche in 601 & 851

8. Waterproof black gold - recently I found the magic of waterproof cosmetics. They are perfect for hot weather and swimming. You can wear them every summer day and your makeup will always look good! Many waterproof items are really long lasting, sometimes longer than you could expect. Anyways gold shadows are the must have this summer! 

My choice: Bell Waterproof Eye Set (Mascara Top Coat; Mascara; Eyeshadow)

9. Refreshing mist - this is one thing that I always have to have with me during summer. Just one spraying and you feel better.

10. Hair+Body after sun care - going and packing for vacation is not my faveitote thing. Anyways I'm alsways trying to do as little as possible. That's why I'm in love with 2 in 1 products! This shampoo is repairing the skin on cells level and protecting before next contact with sun.

Hope you liked the post. Let me know what are yours must have product for summer and check the links below.

xx Carly

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