Hi everyone! I know that some of you started your school, but some will start soon, like me (I still have a month of vacation). Hope that's not too late for you and just ENJOY!

Shop Back To School Essentials #1 part
like T-shirts or Sweatshirts should be comfy and funny. I like having quotes or prints on them, so they are not too common and you can look original! It's nice thing to have some Shirts or Blouses for special occasions. I prefer printed or denim patchwork.

shouldn't be too shorts and I don't like maxi as well (if you like you can wear maxi, but it mostly adds elegance to whole look). The best are over the knee and the length of the most fashionable recently, button skirts. If it goes on colors, I would choose some pastels or denim.

like jeans, everyone of us should have many pairs. I think that these are the most comfy and easy to style pants. I didn't forget about joggers and leggings for sport. I haven't added shorts, because the autumn is coming. But if you want you can style some with over the knee socks (it looks really great!)

they should have a length like skirts. For autumn I wouldn't choose sleeveless ones. The shortsleeved and lonsleeved can also look good, believe me, I prefer those.

Shop Back To School Essentials #2 part

should always match your outfit. That's why I always don't know what to wear so everything will look good. Sometimes it's better to start with a jacket and then add the rest of clothes, haha.

should be big enough so you can put everything you in it. And don't forget about the style of them, there are so many funny prints but also plain (these mostly matches your all outfits!)

like sneakers, OF COURSE! These are the comfiest and you can wear them all day! But I didn't forget about some more classy like ankle boots or flats.

the simples and smallest, the better. Every outfit needs a bit silver or gold, but school outfits shouldn't have it too much.

Shop Back To School Essentials #3 part

play with prints and quotes! Add some fun to the school routine! It shouldn't be boring.

no makeup. A bit of foundation/BB cream, Powder, Mascara and bright Lipstick. You're ready in less than 5 minutes and look natural.

add some color for your accessories with cases. Show your personality and match the prints and colors the way you like! (it sometimes can change your mood)

Water Bottle
if you don't like the classic plastic water bottle, buy one you like and it will stay with you much longer, and will add new style!

Hope you liked the post. Let me know what do you think about it.

xx Carly

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