Hi guys! This time I decided to do a DIY for room. It's very simple, but time consuming, because of glue and paint drying. Anyways it looks so gorgeous and you can move it whenever you want to! 

So let's get started!

What will you need:

1. Cardboard 
2. Something round (to draw moons)
3. Pencil
4. Paints: white and black
5. Brushes 
6. Glue 
7. String

Step 1:

Copy 1 outer circle and 7 inner circles. You have to receive:
- 1 big full moon
- 3 medium full moons (divide in two half)
- 2 medium half moons
- 2 medium small moons 

Step 2:

Paint the moons in colors the pic shows. 

If you don't have two different shades of grey paint, the best way is just to mix white with a little bit of black.


Cut the painted moons out and paint them on the other side but with one layer of paint (just in case of turning).

Step 4:

One end of string knot, so you can hang on. On the other end glue one of the smallest moons. 

Step 5:

Glue the rest of the moons on the left side to the string. Let it dry.


Hang on wherever you want!

Hope you guys liked the post, I had so much fun with doing it but it took me two days (what I hadn't expected).

Let me know if you want more room decor DIY's!

xx Carly 

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*found the idea on Pinterest, but the execution is my own*

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