Do you know how it is when everything is going wrong? Unfortunately I know. Recently I haven't got any inspiration what made me a bit lazy. I didn't know if skipping one and then another post won't be to late to go back. But I realized that this is the thing that I love doing and it's not only coincidance that I created the blog. I just want to share what I love in fashion and beauty. Anyways people around me support me all the time! That's so beautiful. 

Last week was very cold and it the sign that the autumn came (I'm not so happy about it, sorry I prefer summer!). It doesn't mean that you have to wear only monochrome clothes! Try to add some color to your wardrobe, show who you really are! Don't hide your colors inside. Although it's fall I put on pastel shades to bring summer back.

This October I'm starting University, so I was looking whole summer for a perfect bag. I bought this one on Reserved finall sale. You won't guess how much I payed for it! Just $10! And I know that this brand has really good quality bags. Day in day out I used my previous one for school and it survived 3 years of carrying heavy books, haha.

To finish the look I added few silver rings and long metal tassel earrings!

Outfit details:

Reserved Pink Sweater
Mohito Boyfriend Jeans
Reserved Striped Tote Bag
Zara Pink Sneakers
Apart Ring
Jubitom Cross Ring
Mohito Earrings


Hope you enjoyed the post and are waiting for the next one! Let me know what you like the most in the blog!
xx Carly

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*photographer Zhanna Viznovych*

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