Hi there! On Monday I'm starting Studies so I have to go back to post once a week! It's going to be Saturday. But I hope it's only for short period. I just need these first few months to encompass everything and find the time for blog! 

Anyways I'm trying to follow makeup trends, like every fashion/beauty blogger. But this time I focused on glitter part! I've been using gold glitter shadows and smokey liner since last year when they weren't in fashion. You can check the post about it here. It's funny because there two different trends now, not together how I connected them.

Let's see what's new and what to add to your shopping list!

1. Illuminate
Last year these trend was called 'Baby Face' and was really similar to this year's. The base of this trend is highlighter and light foundation. To finish it use only mascara and bright concealer and you're done!

Highlighters: Kiko Stick | Bell Powder 

2. Smudgy Lines
I really like this trend and I use it quite a long time. It's great when you don't have time enought for doing eye makeup in the morning. Don't worry if you still haven't learned doing perfect lines. Just do the line and smudge it! The makeup will emphasize your eyes. And if black lines are too dark for you use dark grey or brown pencils. It's the same but result can be a bit softer.

LinersBobbi Brown | Eveline | Rimmel 

3. Dark Lips
I guess that dark lips always will be trendy during every fall. Personally I don't like it, even if everyone tells me that I should wear dark lips more often. Nothwithstanding it's perfect for a night out or a date! What you need to do is to match shade with your beauty.

Lipsticks: Inglot | Lime Crime | Revlon 

4. Color Art
Many makeup artists during this year's Fashion Weeks put on color eyes - eyeshadows and liners as well. I put on simple red shadows what doesn't mean that's the only color that you can use! They mixed many colors or just few shades of one color. It mostly looked weird, but you can put an accent of color to your daily makeup, like blue lines or goldy-red shadows.

Liners: Lime Crime 
Palette: Barry M 

5. Glitter
As I wrote above I love glitter! I use it only on eyes, but now you can add it to your lip gloss/lip stick or use instead of highlighter. The last one is crazy! I'm not sure if I'll ever make use of it, haha.

Lip Gloss: Kiko 
Eye Shadows: Lime Crime | L'oreal 
Body Glitter: Inglot 

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know which trend is your favourite.
xx Carly

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*I choose 5 most frequent trends from this year's fashion weeks! All products are examples.*

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