Hey, hi, hello! After a half a year break it's good to be back here with so many new ideas and hours of free time. I don't think that any of you would like to listen how some things got screwed up (and I wish one of them went totally different way, but it didn't), so maybe I'll just skip this topic.

As some of you know, I was recently at the seaside. This is where I got these lovely bunny sneakers if onyone would ask. They are too cute and unusual to just pass by and don't notice them. So I instantly decided to buy this gorgeous pair of shoes. I thought that they will perfectly match city-sporty look and I wasn't mistaken. 
If it goes on a dress it was pretty the same story, oops. Anyway I got it on sale for very affordable price what really shocked me. The ruffle hem makes this shirt dress looking subtle and at the same time super girly. Additionally the ring on a pocket brings a bit of modernity to whole look.
For a bag I went with simple small bucket with pink trim, which matched the little pom poms on shoes. 
Moving on to jewellery I chose only in silver and rose tone, so the outfit still look softly and brightly. Lately I wear a lot of rings as you can see. Don't even ask me why, because I don't know. I just realized that I wear them instead of bracelets which became so unhandly.
Watch? I just don't go out without it. It's just kinda an everyday must have for me. Although this in rose gold tone is turning into silver, I still love it. I guess it's my fave so far. And here it comes - black choker with a small embellished stone. It adds a bit of contrast to whole look as well as bag. Someday one guy said to me Chokers are for bad grils. You are not a bad grilI deffinitely don't agree with this! ...okay, the second part is 100% true... Anyway, they make me feel more confident. I believe that every girl can wear chokers cause it makes them look more girly and emphasise facial lines. But be careful with choosing. Each of you look good in different types.

Outfit details:
RESERVED white dress
KARL LAGERFELD crossbody bag
BERSHKA choker


I hope you enjoyed this post after my really long absence! Let me know if you like the sneakers as much as I do. See you on Monday. (YES! I'll post twice a week! Hope you can't wait.)
xx Carly

photos by: Veronica's Eye 

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