Hey everyone! So today I thought of doing a short makeup, let's say, tutorial. This look is really fast and easy to recreate, so if you haven't tried it yet, maybe it's time to do this.
So let's get started!


 Firstly prepare your face with a mattifying cream. The one I used is perfect as a base for really hot days. Next put some foundation, I mixed two, because of the tan I got recently. Now it's time for concealer, choose one or even two shades brighter than foundation to achieve the effect of highlighted face. Apply matte powder all over the face. Countour your face only under cheekbones line and a bit on forehead at edge brow-level. Lastly highlight your cheeckbones, forehead, top of the nose, chin and Cupid bow not too much, so everything look subtle but still bright.


This is time for doing brows now. Generally I don't use any pencils, but Dua's brows are so dark here. Before I applied eyeshadows, I used makeup fixer mist as a base. I chose the darkest, almost black, shadow from Makeup Revolution palette. What a shame that they don't have any cute names, but luckily they smell so good. Okay, moving on, I applied this super glittery pinky shade all over the lid and a littel bit of traditional silvery glitter. Next I used a Revlon mascara and then one from Bell. I guess that Dua has falsies, but I don't have any, so I tried to achieve this effect traditional way.

Kiko Eyebrow and Highlighter PencilBielenda Makeup Fixer Mist | Makeup Revolution Love The Revolution Palette | Inglot Body Sparkles in 55 | Revlon PhotoReady Mascara | Bell Long & Volume Mascara 


The last step, the easiest one - lips. I mixed these two listicks and powdered them, so the color was more similar to Dua's and of course to mattify them.


Hope you liked the post. Let me know if you ever tried to recreate any of Dua Lipa's makeups. If yes, let me know which one. And next post on Monday. See ya!
xx Carly

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